High above the North African desert, five RAF planes tore their way through a ferocious storm. Inside, fifty-five paratroopers from an intensely secret task force were ready to jump into enemy territory. The planes were lost, far behind enemy lines, and under heavy fire.

The officer in command was faced with a choice--abandon the mission, or see it through to the end. 

The odds stacked, the situation severe, he asked his men if they dared to win. None hesitated.

One by one, they hurled themselves into the gale.

These were the first men of the SAS. Today, the Special Air Service is one of the world’s most famous elite forces, urging generations onto victory with the motto, “Who Dares Wins”.



Inspired by the extraordinary escapades of the RAF, we paid homage to “Who Dares Wins” as a name and a philosophy.

We believe there is a hero inside every person, called into action in moments of great daring and necessity. Whether you’re challenging yourself on the slopes, changing tires in the race pit, pushing the boundaries of innovation, or questioning the status quo--Who Dares Wins celebrates individuality, encouraging daring in all realms of adventure.


Our WDW watches are suitable for every occasion--from extraordinary adventures to cocktail parties, from wet suit to black tie. We combined classic style, design and high-quality engineering to create an extremely versatile timepiece.

Our classic designs keep you moving onward and upward to what victories lie ahead in these unprecedented times.



WDW Watch Co was founded by three friends--Marcus, Poe, and John--on a mission to design our idea of the perfect watch. We wanted to create a series of adventure watches that were well-built, stylish, luxurious, and most importantly--affordable. 



Who Dares Wins watches are premium and sophisticated timepieces built with you in mind. Say goodbye to overpriced watches, and use your hard earned cash towards your next big adventure!